The Battle of the Bands, a musical fantasia, with the best bands from the country playing their tunes. Some of the frequenters include independent bands like The Forbidden Ritual, Sergulathic Image, and also college bands like IIT-BHU, PIJ, DAV-Jalandhar.

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A dance extravaganza featuring some of the best troupes from the country. The event has hosted giants in the scene like NIT Kurkshetra, DAV, CCET Beatles, etc.

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A unique event conceived to induce an awe of surprise and amazement, with no restriction on the type of performing art, with performers around the world. Guthrie Govan, Murry Molloy, The Local Train, Angad Singh Ranyal and Parikrama have made headlined in past editions.

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About Insomnia

The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali beckons you to its Annual Cultural Fest Insomnia.
A panorama of music, dance, arts, and drama, a vista of science, debating, and literature, and a spectacle of quizzing and gaming- Insomnia will put you in a trance.
An extragavanza for all dreamers, daydreamers and wishful thinkers- who believe in the flight of the fancy, and that pipe dreams in castles in the air do come true.